Culture Funding Act

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The Culture Funding Act is a Liberalian law.

[edit] The Bill

AMENDED 28 October 2006

Preamble: This bill secures Liberalia's commitment to Culture and the Arts.

Clause 1: A minimum of 0.5 percent of Liberalia's budget will be spent on culture.

Section A: This includes region wide holidays and festivals, and the celebrations of individual nations with the consent of Parliament.

Section B: Grants will be given to groups and institutions that further Liberalia's culture.

Clause 2: Students in Primary Education will be taught music, drama, and art. Students in Secondary and Higher Education will have courses in all of these areas available to them.

Clause 3: The government will not restrict culture by removing forms of entertainment from the stage, screen, or air.

Section A: The music, artwork, and performance art of private institutions and collections will not be censored, seized, or destroyed.

Section B: Street entertainers will have public places and times available to perform without charge and restriction.

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